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"Thank you for teaching me this year, Ms. Doreen!

Love, Mya"

Competition, we Love It!

At the Auditorium Theater, Morgan and Abby winning Gold at Starbound National Talent Competition!!

May 29, 2013

"Hi Doreen,
It turned out to be a wonderful event. You have a lot to be proud of..Your students love you so much and would not give you up for the world..."Congratulations" on all the "Awards." I have to say I loved when he asked what you had to say to your students on their performance and you said "You Loved Them." Totally Awesome in the way you said it with such meaning. No one else had said it at that point. "Thank You for being such a kind and wonderful teacher."

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Memorial Day 2013 Flash Mob

Congratulations to my wonderful student Kelsi Shutter! She received High gold for both her solos. 1st place in senior jazz category and 4th place over all in the senior division at Star Systems Talent Competition at the Auditorium!

A lifetime of dance

All of the students made us very proud as they performed 39 dance routines for a packed house.  With Ooos, Ahhs, and standing ovations, every dancer should be very proud of themselves as well!

November 28, 2010

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"It was absolutely amazing last evening. Packed to a full house..The "Salute To Our Military" totally blew everyone away. A standing ovation to that one..Not a dry eye in the house.. Everyone did a fine job..We just loved it.." 

Dancers surprised the crowd as they performed this flash dance just before the parade stepped off. Many thanks to Doreen McCann and the dancers from Studio of the Dance Arts in Seneca Falls and also to Susan Damick and the dancers from Dimensions in Dance in Geneva. There were others that watched the YouTube practice video and joined in as well, and we hope everyone had fun with it. Thank you everyone, you helped kick off the Celebrate Commemorate weekend in style!

While Studying in the Applied Study Teacher Training Course at the New York Institute of Dance and Education, Doreen Leary McCann, Graduate of State University of New York at Brockport, and Director of the Studio of the Dance Arts in Seneca Falls New York since 1982, paid American Choreographer Sean McLeod a wonderful complement. Sean had remarked to her, that even with her injuries, she had a sincere message she was still capable of delivering through dance. Sean wanted to offer her a solo. With that, Doreen set out to learn a new McLeod solo in an approach of dance she had not be able to work consistently in for years. This was test of faith and love of the opportunity to dance. This solo is a wonderful example of heart, lovely quality, and perseverance. As Sean remarked to Doreen back stage upon it's completion, thank you for a lovely dance.

December 12, 2015

"All the girls did amazing tonight ( and the little guy ) !! I was so proud of my little butterfly!!!
And I'd like to say thank you to Doreen Leary McCann you are amazing with these girls! Thank you for everything !! Ik Maci cannot wait to start her summer classes!!!"

Recital 2013


"I miss being a dance mom! My daughter learned so much structure, poise, life lessons, culture and maturity in Miss Doreen's teaching ability. It is lifelong for her as she excelled as a Platinum, High Gold and Gold competition dancer at a young age alone as a duet and on an older team! Because of her drive to be a perfectionist and Miss Doreen's knowledge she won many competitions and trips to nationals. So any of you moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, custodians of your children you will not go wrong being in such a wonderful structured environment that will aid your son or daughter in a lifelong experience. Have a wonderful dance year!"

"Had a wonderful time at my niece's Dance Recital. Studio of the Dance Arts..All I can say is "Fabulous." It was absolutely amazing last evening. Packed to a full house..The "Salute To Our Military" totally blew everyone away. A standing ovation to that one..Not a dry eye in the house.. Everyone did a fine job..We just loved it" 

oldies but goodies!


2016 recital an overwhelming success!

May, 2016

"My family and friends enjoyed this presentation so much...Doreen is one of a kind...So patient and understanding to her students....This show will be hard to forget...Thanks again for a wonderful evening had by all. Looking forward to next year" 

We only had one individual to graduate this year Catherine "Cat" McCann

It is  bittersweet since she is Doreen's daughter.

Good Luck, Cat....we know that you'll be back!

It's a wonderful life parade 2015

Doreen McCann has been working in the dance instruction business for more than 30 years in Seneca Falls. Inheriting an established dance school after graduating from college, where she studied dance — the business she now owns — has evolved over the years.

The location of Studio of the Dance Arts has changed. The students have changed, grown, and even some of her former students children have become her newest students. It’s an evolution common for teachers.

She sat down with FingerLakes1.com to discuss her studio’s upcoming recital, which is their biggest of the year. It will be held this Saturday at 7 pm. The recital will last a few hours, but it will encompass a vast range of students. Her youngest students will start the recital off and it will culminate with her largest students closing out the program.

McCann said for those planning to attend this weekend’s recital in a group  to make arrangements ahead of time, or plan to arrive by 6 pm, or shortly thereafter. The recital will be held at the Douglas Avery Performing Arts Center at Mynderse Academy.

"What a Fantastic Show last Night!!!! Thank You Miss Doreen for making our kids Super Stars!!!!! You are a Fantastic Teacher.....with the Patience of a Saint!!!  Great Job Everyone!!!!!!!" 

"Can not wait for the "Dance Recital" tomorrow...My niece will be in it. The girls are all wonderful....She is so excited..Such a wonderful teacher." 

2016 recital photos

"I love and miss my dance teacher/ 2nd mother Doreen sooooo much and I wouldn't know anything about dance if it wasn't for her. I love you so much and I also miss Jordana like crazy. Thank you for all you've taught me as well"